In an effort to provide the highest quality service for Infrared Inspections Inc.  customers, we recommend a follow-up Re-Check Inspection (after recommended repairs have been completed) of all thermal anomalies found during your infrared inspection. 

We will thermally re-inspect and photo document all items with previous thermal anomalies to show that no significant thermal differences still exist.

The completed recheck report will include all rechecked photos opposite the initial thermal anomaly photo for total completion of report.

Below images are an example of a panel before and after repairs.



The Fire Pump is a critical piece of your life safety system that does not operate in the normal day-to-day operations of your building.  The Fire Pump Inspection is done at a time when running the fire pump will not affect normal business.  Infrared Inspections Inc. will inspect both the electrical and mechanical components of your fire pump(s), as well as, jockey pump(s) and starter(s).  The Report for this inspection will include photo pages for all pieces of equipment.


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