Company Info and History 


Infrared Inspections Inc. has a recognized reputation for providing thermographic non-destructve inspection services. Since our incorporation in 1994, the firm has performed infrared inspections of commercial, industrial, retail and medical facilities through out the United States of America.

Infrared Inspections Inc. has more than 100 years of combined experience in infrared surveys and energy management. Thermographic survey applications include electrical and mechanical equipment for overheating, built-up roof systems for wet insulation and building envelopes for excessive heat loss.

Infrared Inspections Inc. certified thermographer's are experts in finding problems before they find you!

  Featured Services 

Fire Pump Inspection

Fire Pump inspections include images of all mechanical and electrical components of the fire pump system.  This test should be done when the pumps are running. (typaclly during the yearly inspection)

Summer Services

Roof Moisture Infiltration Inspection

On a sunny day the roof system  absorbs solar energy, and at night, the dry insulation will cool quickly while the wet areas will retain their absorbed heat much longer. These  thermal differences are detectable by a thermal camera.